Sunday, April 19, 2015

PL2015 - Weeks 9 & 10

I have 2 new layouts to post, going back to weeks 9 & 10. We've been finished with hockey and ringette for 3 and 4 weeks, respectively.  Yet, looking back at these photos, it seems like it's been
F O R E V E R since I last sat in an arena. Which kind of shocks me, because I realize what a big part of our lives it's become...

Week 9:

This week: Madelyn and Isis at the Girl Guide Thinking Day Bazaar. Only 2 of the girls from our unit came and helped out by working at a station. [Both girls had their faces painted like cats. The pink noses didn't come off completely for days.] Picture of me with my lunch dates. A stack of books I'm ready to read. A panoramic photo of my M&D's kitchen, smack dab in the middle of a renovation. And Miss Madelyn, heading towards the net with a ring. 

Week 10:

This week: Once again, Girl Guides, tonight the girls worked on their recycling badges. Mad's group created this 'robot' out of recycling. The BFG created by the grade 3/4's. He is AWESOME. Sidewalk art, a lovely sign of spring. Goalie pad removal, you had a 2nd chance as goalie and did great. Not feeling well, hanging with your Daddy on the couch. I certainly miss when this was regular sight...

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Week 9

Shine Bright

Week 10


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