Thursday, May 15, 2014

Project Life Weeks 14 & 15

Madelyn and I were talking the other day, and she said something along the lines of "Gee Mummy, I can't believe the school year is just about over already. Time just seems to go by so fast"  I thought, wait until you hit your 40's little girl... Then we'll talk about time going fast...

We are well into May. And yes indeed, time goes by fast. I'm so glad I've captured all these every day things. I love how a photograph can immediately take you back to something.

Looking back at this layout, to some it might seem shocking to see snow... But we saw snow just last weekend... We're still waiting for spring.  I'm pleased to say, that we've had a handful of warm seasonable days this week, and thankfully, things are beginning to green up.

Week 14:

This week we:

- Got [hopefully for the last time this year] some sledding in.

- Cut 10 inches of hair off a certain little girl. She's been wanting to do it for over a year, and I managed to hold off this long.

- Had a lunch date with Madelyn, we went to... You guessed it, Tim Horton's.

Week 15:

This week 15 we:

- Went to meet a breeder. We're on the wait list for a Miniature Schnauzer... Eeks...

- Picked up Jim Hawkins from dress rehearsal after school.

- Went door to door selling Girl Guide Cookies with our Brownie Group.

- My M&D came home from their trip to sunny Arizona.

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Week 14 & 15:

Worth a Thousand Words
Arrow paper clips

Also, on Week 15 used:


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