Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like...


Our October and November, have been a far cry from what they were last year. [Which was warm. Unseasonably warm] We had a most delicious fall actually, until we hit October. Then it got cold. We've even had a fair bit of the white stuff. [ick, gross] Not much we can do about the weather though. I mean, we can gripe and complain until we're blue in the face, but the truth is. It's cold. And it's snowy. Welcome to winter in Canada. Dress warm and carry on...

One of the things our snowy and cold days has done [aside from getting myself re-acquainted with a snow shovel] is to put me more into the Christmas Spirit. There's a most magical quality that comes to life when you add snow and Christmas lights together. Last year, we had so little snow, and somehow, that just put things a little off kilter for me. Though we've already had 30 cm of snow [which has melted in Chinook-style fashion two times already whoop=whoop] It has made the arrival of the holidays that much sweeter. In fact, Barry put our Christmas light up last weekend, just after our snow had all melted away. Just in time for the next snowfall that covered us in yet another dusting of white.

We've also had our share of hoar frost this year, which is unusual for us. It's when we get a lot of fog and moisture, that is snow, but isn't... We have had a lot more grey days than usual, which does get a bit tiring day after day. You see, it can be insanely cold here, but bright and sunny. We're not used to dull and grey, and it does take it's toll. 

I love how everything looks with Christmas lights. It makes my heart smile.

We have always decorated our home at the end of November. We have made a special family night of appetizers and house decorating. We pull out the Christmas music and movies, and try to enjoy the season as much as possible. It also seems to get so busy in December, with different Christmas parties [both for us and the kids]. There is the school Christmas Concert and the Christmas wind ups for both Cubs and Brownies. We can't forget hockey this year, that Mason is playing and keeps us busy on average about 2-3 days per week, though we've got 6 ice times [including a game] in the next 8 days... We have to fit in special family time, when we can.

This past weekend we did just that, and decorated the house. 

 This is how our little corner looked before the tree.

We had a yummy snack supper.. Nachos, ginger beef, meat, cheese & crackers, chips, veggies & dip... You kids, have always loved the idea of 'the snack supper'. And really, it's snacks... What's not to like?

Our biggest little helper. The other one helps out intermittently, at best. He came home from school with the newly released Rick Riordan book... He couldn't stay away from it.

The finished product. This is the 14th Christmas tree we've put up together... Wow. Still loving the white lights after 14 years. [If you could really look at this tree, it's very decorated from about half way up, down. Every year the kids can reach a bit higher, so every year it gets a little more decorated. I decorate the top portion, but I've never fixed up what they've done. I love how it looks.

Now I've got to get my head wrapped around all the other things that come with December. I still have to finish the advent stuff for the kids... I have done something different for them every year. This year, I have yet another advent idea planned. I've got to get working on it, I have to have that ready to go by Saturday!! Yikes! And family pictures for Christmas cards... Eeks! Still have to do that! Need to get my lists started!

By the way, it's week 48 this week, in project life language... Can you believe it? Week 48?!?! Crazy! I have weeks 44, 45 & 46 done, I just have to get around to taking pictures and posting. Can't believe I kept up with this for the entire year!

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