Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Looking Back at Costumes Past

Halloween is tomorrow. I have two kids very excited about the prospect of heading out to Trick or Treat. Tomorrow they get to wear their costume to school in the afternoon. There is an assembly, a costume parade and then games and fun. I LOVE that our school supports Halloween, and our traditions. I love how excited my kids are about it.
I can hardly believe that we've been dressing up little beings for Halloween for over 10 years. We are hoping the snow holds off, so they can get out and get their candy tomorrow night... But the forecast isn't great. Though, it's the adults that care about the cold temperatures, the kids don't even feel the cold. 
Here's a look back at Halloween's past:
4 month old Baby Mason

Pumpkin Boy [snow on the ground]

Loved the Pumpkin - a redo!

Cowboy Woody and Strawberry Head baby Madelyn

Buzz Lightyear and the Little Green Alien

Spiderman and Pumpkin Girl [good use out of that costume]

Skeleton and a Spider Girl

Bad Spiderman and Chicken Little

Captain Vizsla [Star Wars] and Jessie

 Little Red Riding Hood and Pirate Mason

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