Friday, October 26, 2012

Another thing that has changed...

I went to my very first dance, in Jr. High School. I guess I would have been in Grade 6, because I went to Jr. High from Grade 6 to 9. It was an after school 'Shag'. The gym was dark. Loud music played. The boys stood on one side of the gym, and the girls on the other. It took a while before even the girls, danced together.

Last night we went to the Halloween Hop at the kids school. I was first introduced to this when Mason was in Grade 1. At first I thought it was INSANE, to be having a dance so early in life. But it was a family dance, so all the 'family' came. 

Since being shocked a number of years ago, this has become a highlight for these kids each year. They LOVE it. The lights are off, there are flashing lights, the music is loud [and good] The kids are all dressed up in their costumes. Everyone dances. There is a concession stand with drinks and snacks [because even for the kids, snacks play a major roll] 

Last night, I was thinking back to my first dance, where I probably never danced with a boy for at least 2 years, and I watched this unfold...

My little Butterfly Girl and Batman...  Grade 2 people... I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling when she gets to her first junior high 'shag' she won't be standing up against the wall. Nope, not this one. Enjoy.

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