Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting Our Spook On

It's that time of year again. Halloween.

Message boards on pinterest have been full of Halloween ideas/crafts/foods since July. I tried very hard not to look at them. Although this is my most favourite thing to decorate for, I don't want to wish time away. Especially after the awesome summer/fall we've had. I'm in no hurry at all for this delightful weather to end. Every day we get closer to November with a nice day, means one less day of cold in my book.

The last couple of years, I've kind of had to drag my butt to get the decorating done. This year however, I was quite keen. We've made the leap from cute Halloween, to more of a dark Halloween. At the request of the kids who thought I had way too much cutesy stuff. [Seriously, their words, not mine]

Madelyn is still convinced it's not scary enough... I think she would seriously like jars with body parts floating around in them. I know she'd LOVE jars with critters of some sort in them... She is especially enamored right now with the hissing cockroach, thanks to research she's doing at school. She'd thinks 'dried ice' is AWESOME, would love to have a machine [we've seen them at the stores, and she can't understand why on earth I won't pick one up] She even asked me, "Mummy, can you actually buy fake blood?" I had to swiftly dodge that one, and change the topic on the fly. My idea of Halloween decor has NEVER gone hand in hand with fake blood...  

I had kind of a crow thing going on this year. I absolutely despise crows, my motto being the only good crow is a dead crow. But somehow, they just seem sinister and very Halloween-ish. 

A couple of years ago, I'd seen a photoshop tutorial here. On how to create 'fangs' on your pictures. It was right smack dab in the middle of the Twilight stuff. I got on board and altered my pictures. Quite pleased with the results. The pictures weren't updated this year, they're both missing teeth now.  It wouldn't seem quite as effective or scary with a bunch of teeth missing.

Every day for the month of October, I've tried to include something fun and Halloween-y in their lunches. I have found all sorts of lunch box jokes on the Internet, so every day they get a joke. This morning I upped the ante, and cut cheese into bat shapes [i didn't actually cut the cheese, i have little cookie cutters] The sugar cookie is compliments of Ama. Thanks Ama!

This is my screen saver on my phone. Isn't it awesome? Oh, how I love Halloween...

The girl has decided this year, that she's going to be a butterfly... Be still my beating heart. Last year she was Little Red Riding Hood, and before that I think she was Jessie from Toy Story. This is a great streak we're on. In the past, she has been a pumpkin, a spider and a chicken. Very adamant about all those choices, so pretty pleased that we've picked something very girlie a few years in a row.

Mason is still undecided about what he wants to be. He's had some terrific costumes over the years. It's sad that this dress up time is so darn fleeting.... Last year he was a pirate and he even let me put a bit of makeup on his face, a big step for him I'll tell you. 

I looked through the costumes of Halloween past just now... And got a little misty. I will do a separate blog post on that. Perhaps even include this years Halloween Costumes. I can't believe we've been dressing kids up for Halloween for over 10 years. [Yes, Mason just turned 10 in June, but we dressed him up for the first time when he was only 4 months old...]

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