Friday, June 29, 2012


I am having weather envy right now... I know I'm not supposed to... But I'm terribly envious of all the people that are having good weather. All the bloggers I stalk, I mean, follow, for the most part seem to have the 4 different season. Those seasons being winter, spring, summer and fall. In April, they start to say things like, oh things are coming up in the garden, or the trees are in bloom... [Here, we're still waiting for the next snow storm to hit] In May, there are comments about the temperatures rising, things are indeed heating up, they begin to gear up for the end of school. [I begin to see pictures of these same girls wearing sundresses, skirts, tanks and flip flops...] By June temperatures are soaring everywhere it would seem, but here. Now there are pictures of families enjoying baseball games [without a parka on] outdoor pool swim lessons, kids running through water sprinklers, spending the day at the beach, sitting on verandas enjoying a lovely evening. All this makes me wonder WHY DO I LIVE HERE? We had Miss Madelyn's last soccer game of the season last week. This is a picture of how we were dressed, keeping in mind, it was the 19th of June:

 Can you see that all of us have hats on? Doesn't that say something?

And then, this past week, this is what I wore to pick the kids up from their last day of school:

 Do you see that I'm wearing a jacket AND a scarf? On June 27th... I am beyond finding this funny...

And though I dwell a little bit, on all the gals in the mid USA, because it just seems that weather-wise, life would be so dreamy there... I'm glad that it's not only Calgary that is having crappy weather. It's the entire western part of the country. [I really have no clue what happens east of Manitoba, I did hear rumor of a heat wave... But that doesn't do me any good]

So in our little western part of the country, the weather has been total crap. And to add salt to an already tender wound, this is an image, taken just a few days ago, of the place we're supposed to leave for, in a week, for our annual vacation...

Suffice to say, we are no longer heading there... It's certainly disappointing.

Mother Nature has unleashed a fury into this little town. And it totally sucks.

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