Saturday, May 5, 2012

She's Seven

This little girl has turned seven...

We're going with the 'Seven is Heaven' theme... She's totally on board. Please keep your fingers crossed that it keeps up. Six was pretty good. The last few months have been a bit rocky. As we ended six,  it was the pits... She knows it, we know it, things are going to be better from here on in.

We had a little birthday party last Sunday, because it's just too much to try and plan dinner and cake during the busy week. She requested steak along with spinach & strawberry salad. She ate everything on her plate. She also requested chocolate cake, which was delish of course. Ama & Baba and Uncle Chris came over to celebrate. She got some awesome birthday presents:

A beach towel of the Beebs. [Note the grin]

Girl Lego, she's thrilled with it.

Her very own digital camera.
Her actual birthday fell on Wednesday night. Our birthday tradition is that who ever is having the birthday, gets to pick where they want to eat out for dinner. Well, she had a super hard time, trying to decide between Denny's or Boston Pizza. In the end Boston Pizza won. It was a great choice, because they have a promotion on called called wild or wacky Wednesday, and there is a magician who walked around and did magic tricks and of course balloons... So, the birthday girl got treated extra special...

Crazy balloon hat

Motorcycle balloon
I'm not going to lie, the magician/balloon maker was very funny and had Mason and I in hysterics. [Actually, I was laughing so hard because of Mason's reaction, which was hilarious] He had Madelyn stand up on a chair, made her a crazy hat, then got the attention of the restaurant and announced that she was having her 17th birthday...The kids were beside themselves, thinking that was funny. She said "how embarrassing" once she sat back down, and it took me RIGHT BACK to one of my birthdays at the Ponderosa... Where again, I won't lie... Standing on a chair... Being the centre of attention... Wishing I could be UNDER the table... It was awful... Obviously, because I still vividly remember it over 30 years later. No wonder I'm so painfully shy today...

So now I've got a 7 year old and a nearly 10 year old... Eeks...

Planning Miss Madelyn's birthday party in a few weeks. Just wasn't able to fit it in before my San Diego trip.

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