Saturday, May 19, 2012

the Girls. Get. Away.

This past week I had a great girls get away in San Diego. Last Friday, I was at the airport at 6 am, ready to head south.The anticipation mounting.

This Friday, I'm home. We got home late Wednesday night, and Thursday was spent making breakfast and lunches for the kids, unpacking my suitcase, doing laundry, sorting out school forms, catching up on email and of course reading my blogs. I downloaded pictures, picked up a book from the library, picked my kids up from the bus, got Mason to floor hockey, took Madelyn to the library, picked Mason up from floor hockey, took them home and fed them supper. I then dropped Mason off to Barry [he was still at work] and took Madelyn to gymnastics. I then dropped her off and went and ran some errands... Phew... Nothing like getting right back at it!

I was in San Diego, with 11 other women. We had a phenomenal time. The weather was great, the hotel we stayed at in a great location. We walked and walked and walked a little more. I got my beach fix... Boy did I ever. Oh how I love thee... I think I was meant to live nearer to the ocean. I can't believe how long I've gone without the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach, feeling the sand on my feet, picking up seashells... It was time indeed.

My and my Mum, plus a group shot of all 12.
i heart the beach...
Pacific Beach.
Pacific Beach.

Everything about this place agrees with me...
This is what it's like to travel with women, that's some fine snacking.
Petco Park home of the San Diego Padres. Look how close we got!
Beach at Coronado.
i left my heart in coronado...
This is what happens when you shop together too much! We both walked out of the change room with nearly the same outfit on!
These were my roommates.
Poolside our last morning.
Heading home... Gorgeous.
Don't get me wrong, I like to shop. We did some shopping too. Some great deals were had, and I'm thrilled with the new stuff I brought home. 5 days was perfect. I looked forward to coming home to my family. Mason had been really bummed out that I was going away for Mother's Day. When I told him his reaction was this "Of all the weekends you could have picked...You're gone on Mother's Day?" But he seemed no worse off because of my absence.

When I got home it was late and the kids were in bed. I snuck into their bedrooms, breathed in their smells and gave them each a kiss. I feel refreshed and renewed. I'm a better Mum because of it. I didn't bring back a lot of souvenirs. They flat out told me they didn't want clothes... But I found little boxes of sharks teeth in a little shop on Coronado Island I picked one up for each of them. You would have thought I'd brought them back diamonds... They are over the moon about their sharks teeth. I also brought back a few sea shells I picked up on the beach, so Miss Madelyn is in heaven.

I can't let years go by again, without making it to the ocean... I can't wait to take my family there, the kids would love it so much. Can't wait to plan our next trip.

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