Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Last Few Days...

Here is what we've been doing the last few days:

Our annual Morning of Christmas Eve, Family Skate:

Miss Madelyn can smell out a timbit donut from miles away

Mason playing hockey with the guys.

The whole clan. [well sorta, most of us gals sat and drank coffee/hot chocolate]

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Eve -the kids waiting so patiently to open presents.

Outside to build a snowfort, Madelyn & Siera.

Christmas Morning:

Coming down the stairs Christmas Morning.

Milk and cookies are gone, off the plate Mason made.

A big hug for favourite brother, after opening a book all about the Beebs.

A big hug for favourite sister, after opening a Lego creation book.

Special hand-made gifts for Mummy & Daddy, from Madelyn.

Christmas Day, after supper:

Showing a card to Gigi, you kids were both so good with her this year.

Baba getting some special love from Mason after he opened the wii Skylander game.

Something special, for you both to read...

What? Can this be true?

Some special love for Ama, after learning about upcoming ski lessons.

2 new helmets and upcoming ski lessons, so exciting!

And now, it's a few days after Christmas. This is what my family room looks like... I couldn't bear to show the whole room, because it makes my heart quicken. Every piece of Lego has been built. All the dolls, treehouse, squinkies and video games are being well used. It's a chore to get these darn kids out of jammies... I guess that's what the holidays are all about.

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