Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Elf Arrives

We got home yesterday morning, from parent/teacher interviews and imagine our surprise when we discovered this little guy sitting on our advent calendars.

We're not exactly sure how he got into the house, but we'll just chalk it up to Santa's magic, like we did last year, with Elvin Elf. The thing is, this is not Elvin... This elf came equipped with a note, it would seem that Elvin hurt himself in Santa's workshop last week. He's unable to come to our home. This little guy, has come as his replacement.

Right away the kids were excited. They left him some food [orange and almonds] Madelyn gave him Jack to keep him company. She put a bed out for him, a blanket. This little elf also changed her attitude on taking her medicine [which has been a motion picture drama 3x a day, since we picked it up from the pharmacy Thursday morning] However, when the elf appeared, she said "I'd better take my medicine" and she did. Just like that. The kids named this elf Calvin. It seems quite fitting, because both kids love Calvin and Hobbes comics and we woke up this morning to this...

In Mason's words, "I think Calvin is going to be a bit troublesome"...

Me too buddy, me too..

Both kids came into our room this morning, so upset about him writing on the pictures. We both thought it was actually kind of clever and funny. You best behave Calvin, we live with rule followers.

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