Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mason's Lego Birthday

Perhaps I was a bit optimistic thinking I'd blog about Mason's party last night. The party came and went, and fun was had by all. This morning I asked Mason if he had a good birthday party and he said "Mum, it wasn't a good party, it was a great party" Then he hugged me and thanked me. And that one moment, is what makes all the work I go to, worthwhile.

Here is a look at his birthday invitation, and some of the decorations. For the invites, Mason selected 9 of his favourite guys, and we had a photo shoot with them. I made Lego head cookies, and I was thrilled with how they turned out. I made my own template, and was a bit skeptical when I first started. The cookies went home with loot bags.

I had seen the idea for drinking out of Mason jars when I had done Madelyn's party. Such a great way to keep every one's glasses straight. I copied the idea again [and will probably continue to do so]. Once everyone arrived, we had a 'Lego creation challenge'. All the kids had to create a Lego 'something' and then the kids voted, Survivor-style. [They weren't allowed to vote for their own creation, they had to vote for someone else's] I had intended this to be a 20-30 minute time slot, but they spent over an hour on them. Everyone had fun [so it seemed] playing with Lego!

Mason requested BBQ-ed hot dogs and nachos and cheese for his meal. Had to get a picture of 24 dogs on the BBQ, I think they ALL got eaten! I was amazed at how many hot dogs some of these kids could eat!

I had these two movies playing throughout the evening. I thought the first one, the Adventures of Clutch Powers was maybe a little bit young for the group, but they wouldn't let me turn it off! So I'm assuming they didn't think it was too young. Then, afterwards I put on the Hero Factory movie, which was met with great excitement.
Ahhhh, the birthday cake. Mason isn't a fan of birthday cake, but he loves donuts. I'd seen the idea to make a donut cake, and he was thrilled with the idea. Again, he picked out some of his favourite Lego guys, and they decorated the 'cake'. I drizzled some green icing over the donuts and long johns, just to tie in the Lego colours. I used plain glazed donuts, chocolate and maple iced long johns.

Was it loud in my house? Indeed it was... But these guys all had a great time. For the most part everyone was very well behaved. There was the burping contest at one point... Who could burp the loudest... But I guess that is something that can be expected with a bunch of 8 and 9 year olds. The running and jumping was kept to a minimum. [The movies definitely helped in that department] I had planned to do give everyone a Lego kit, and have a contest to see who could build it the fastest, before putting them in the loot bags. However, we ended up sticking the kits into the loot bags, un-opened. The kids were having too much fun just doing their own 'free building' with the bins of Lego we had out.

Mason got a lot of.... Lego for his birthday! He was thrilled of course. Him and his Dad have a similar opinion, it's you can never have too much Lego! I on the other hand, just came from my family room... There is Lego scattered everywhere... I think there can be too much Lego!

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