Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's the End of School as we Know it!

And we feel great!! [this is the little diddy that I've heard non-stop over the past day and a half] These kids are so excited to be off for summer holidays, as is their mother...

Here are a few last day things I have to share:

You don't think they change, as much as they do. Until you take a picture of the first day of school, and put it side by side with the last day of school. They've both gained a couple of inches since they started in September. Mason is looking more like a big boy and less like a little boy... Does that make sense? Madelyn went from being super shy, the first day, to being totally comfortable and excited about school. Hard to believe I'll have a child in division one AND two next year.

I didn't do class gifts this year. I have in the past. But I had to stop, because between the two kids, there was over 70 kids... Eeks. But I did do teacher's presents. For the teachers, I found this printable here, and just basically made my own version using photoshop. I used an actual Starbucks coffee sleeve, cut it down, glued it on [making sure a gift card would fit] The kids each drew their own picture for the front of the card, I placed this inside the card. I had also found these apple soap filled dispensers on sale around Christmas. [They'd been selling them last September for back to school, so I scored big!]

Mason's teacher got one little extra. I found this printable here. I fixed it up a bit in photoshop, added a few embellishments, the date, and popped it into a frame. Mason had a great teacher this year. I was pretty sure this would be right up here alley, something she could keep on her desk at school. [I hope any way]

This is where things get tricky... There are 2 ladies who work in the office, and the librarian. They do SO much, and to me kind of get over-looked. So for them I made up these:

They are double insulated for the cold, I picked the drink containers up at Superstore, and filled them with these Tetley Infusions. All 3 were genuinely pleased to get these. It makes me feel good to let them know that all their 'behind the scenes' work, is very appreciated.

These few things were waiting for the kids upon their arrival home.

They were beyond excited to receive these journals. My only concern is that the disposable camera has only 27 pictures, and they have no idea what that really means. All they know are digital cameras! So it's been a challenge just since yesterday, to keep the picture taking down to a minimum. Madelyn has already filled in the first page of her summer journal. If I can get them to keep up with it, it will be a great keepsake for the years to come. I found the idea for this summer journal on a blog, that for the life of me I can not link to... Don't know what the problem is.

This cool dude got an award yesterday, in front of the whole school, for perfect attendance. We're pretty darn proud of you buddy!

And last but not least, the I'm bored jar, is sitting on the counter ready to go. I don't think we'll have a chance to use it before we come back from our summer holiday [which is a good thing] But it's there and visible and ready to go.

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