Sunday, November 1, 2009

Phew...It's over

Ok - I made it through the weekend. What a load off. We had dressing up at school, dressing up at preshool, a sleep over, an adult Halloween Party and a kids Halloween Party. And now, I'm sipping on a red wine spritzer thankful to have the day to myself.

And a lazy day it has been. Madelyn is still in her jammies, and Mason made the switch to LAST years Halloween costume, he's zooming around the house as red Spiderman, as opposed to 'black Spiderman'. I thought the black Spiderman was venom, but apparently it's not. I got heck for telling people he was venom. "I am NOT Venom Mum, I'm just BLACK Spiderman". Who he keeps reassuring me, is normal-old Spiderman. So how come we needed to purchase a new costume? Beats me too.

A recap of the weekend. Mason come home for lunch on Friday, and this is what we had.

Then off to school, and preschool wearing costumes of course. Friday night, we had a costume party (adult) So much fun. Everyone participates, and it's always so great to see some of the creativity. Great snacks, and visiting, and laughs. Fun was had by all.
The next morning, we got up bright and early, to get ready for the kids party. The kids came, and had a great time. I know they had fun, but as they get older I have to pick it up a notch.

Creepy fun snacks! Mason was so pleased that the vampire teeth were one of the most popular choices. I wouldn't have thought so... We did a craft, that the boys weren't all that into... We did cookie decorating, which is always a big hit. And coloring pages, and a game. We watched a Halloween movie. I think it was fun.
Here are my two costume-clad kids:

After everyone left, we had supper, and there was the excitement of going out to collect candy. We bundled the kids up, and out they went.

This is how our pumpykins looked outside. Quite inviting I'd say...

And finally, this is what I'm enjoying, a red wine spritzer... Another successful year of parties!

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