Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Layout from my On-Line Class

I'm still taking Ali's Yesterday and Today class. It's been quite different from what I expected. For one thing, I've really enjoyed the pictures of 'yester-year' a lot more than I thought I would have. A few of the assignments have been a bit personal, and therefore I haven't shared them on my blog. This latest assignment was so much fun. I had to scrounge up pictures of long ago, and once I got scrounging, I couldn't stop. On top of collecting images of my young family, when MY kids were born (because Mason was born before our digital era). I've been collecting images of my parents young family (when my brother and I were born) Then pictures of both my Mum's and my Dad's young families. In essence, where I came from. And to think that this is all part or half of my kids past, because now half comes from Barry's side too.

In school, many moons ago I recall having to gather information for a family tree. Now, with the digital age on our side, we can scan, and print, and collect these images, and it's so cool to have them at our disposal. Our kids don't know how lucky they are... (I laugh when I say that, because I wonder how many times our parents must have said that about us as kids) But they really are lucky, we have so many conveniences that were never around when I was a kid. I could start to name them all, but it's mind-boggling, believe me.

I LOVE pictures, and when it's people that are part of the reason I'm here today, that just makes it even more interesting.

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