Friday, October 30, 2009

It's the NIGHT Before Halloween...

You should know, these two are bouncing off the walls. Both are allowed to wear their costumes to school today. And are SO excited to do so. Mason instructed me, that he'd like to do what he did last year. I asked him "So, you want to come home for lunch, and get your costume on?" To which he said "Correct". That answer just makes me laugh. It's sometimes hard to believe the kid is only 7 years old.

I mentioned in my last post, we had family pumpkin carving night, here are the before pumpkins:

And here is after. Each person came up with their own design. Madelyn actually drew hers out on paper. The rest of us, kind of altered what we'd seen, different templates etc. The pumpkin order is: Madelyn - Barry - Mason - Candy. I think they turned out awesome.

These are the little treats Mad and I made to hand out to her class. She actually helped by taping a sucker to the back of each piece of paper. She did grow weary of writing her name though.

These are the little treat bags for Mason's class. He was a great helper. We stuffed the bags with paper, gum, rockets and an eyeball each. He was pretty excited to take these to school this morning.

This was dinner on Wednesday night. "Monster Dogs" on a bed of curly noodles. It's true, if you boil wieners in water, after cutting them, they do curl up.

Last night, I made tomato soup, with grilled cheese sandwiches (which is usually our Halloween night fare) But Thursday nights at our house are soup and sammy night. Check out the ice cube in the soup bowl.

And when I brought these to the table, Madelyn actually said "ahhhhh". Did she eat it? Not a chance, but she thought they were cute. Then she said "Mummy, did you forget I don't like anything roasted, or toasted or oven-ed?" I guess I did. I thought the jack-o-lantern face would trump that, but apparently it did not. She won't eat grilled cheese any way, so hers ALWAYS has be be peanut butter. Oh the trials of having picky eaters...

Today I'm doing last minute preparations for our Halloween Party tonight (the adult one) and tomorrow I'll be doing another kids version. I anticipate sitting on the couch on Saturday night, with a glass of wine, handing out treats. Grateful to be finished with prep mode.

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