Sunday, October 11, 2009

Liked it Better in the 'Past' than in the Present

I've been telling a few people lately, about my trip and NYC experience. And while I was there, in NY, I spent a lot of time kind of thinking 'sheesh...' For example:

sheesh, there ARE a lot of people,
sheesh, cars sure honk a lot,
sheesh, is there 40 people in a line up for EVERYTHING?
sheesh, THAT was expensive,
sheesh, there ARE taxi's everywhere,
sheesh, he almost got hit by that car [while jaywalking of course]
sheesh, people REALLY DO walk shoulder to shoulder,
sheesh, this city NEVER stops moving... [to name just a few]

By the way, don't run off to the thesaurus to look up the word 'sheesh'. It's really kind of my own word and I typically kind of cringe as it's being said...

But now that I've been home for nearly 2 wks, and I've been showing my pictures to people, suddenly I have this passion for New York. All of a sudden I'm animated and telling people what I did infact love about it. And I have to tell you, that it makes me really glad that I did end up buying a couple of I [heart] NY tee's from some street vendors...

I've seen commercials, and shows on tv, and I think that's NYC! Hey! I've been there! And I'm excited about it. Because while I was there, I kind of had the 'been HERE, done that' feeling... I've kind of confused with myself, because now my frame of mind is a bit different, it's this:

Maybe I would go back. Now I feel like I'd have my wits about me a little bit. It took me 4 good days, to finally figure out street addresses, and to be honest, I still don't really understand how they find people. But it was a great experience, and I got to do it with a great bunch of girls, my dear Mum included. And Yes Barry, if I went with you, I would go to ONE museum. The Museum of Natural History, at the recommendation of Randene of course.

Day One - me and Mum, on the double decker bus tour. Talk about overwhelming...

Our first 'hop-off' and 9 of us walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. We had lunch and walked back.

Ahhhhh, the Green Lady. She was one of the highlights of my trip. Awesome to see 'live'.

Carrie, Mum & I, we found the Magnolia Bakery. Yum-O.

Yes, that is me, with the yellow M&M dude. In what other than M&M World in Time's Square. Crikey...

I just felt like I needed to put that out there. Now that I'm home I'm really glad I got the chance to go!

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