Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Power Reading

Seriously, I've read 2 books since last Tuesday. I honestly don't recall a time that has happened since before kids came along, WELL before they came along. They weren't books about rocket science or anything, but they were good fictional, escape from the "real world" stories, just the same.

I've had books on my nightstand for months... Maybe even years, that I haven't gotten around to reading yet. Then, during last weeks trip to the library, I picked up two books and read them right away. I read Something Blue by Emily Griffin, which was super fluffy, but entertaining just the same. As I was leaving the library, I spied, Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. So I picked that little gem up and read it too! A lot of people read the book first, before seeing the movie. So when the movie came out they were very disappointed with the cast chosen... For me, the opposite was true, I pictured our leading characters right away. Now, I don't want to give away anything, and I'm sure most of you know this. It's a story about vampires... Seriously, no guff. And I have to be honest and say, that when I finally fell into my fit full sleep last night, I did indeed dream about vampires all night long... Crummy. I'm hoping tonight I'll fair a bit better. I mean, logic says vampires are totally fictional... Or are they? There are no such thing as vampires... Or are there? If there were, they could TOTALLY resist humans... Or could they? There I go again, I'd better not go and get myself all worked up again before bedtime. I won't do well on two sleepless nights.

While I'm on the topic of books, I also read another great book this month called Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center. It was a great book, and I highly recommend it to all my Mum friends. It was about a Mum, who'd had 3 children in fairly quick succession and was agonizing about where her life was headed. Throughout this book I frequently had tears running down my face. Some of it hit pretty close to home.

And speaking of hitting close to home. I'm trying to figure out whether Jon&Kate plus Eight, are really going through martial problems, or if this is a publicity type of thing, aimed to get people back to watching the show... Surely they'd both be smart enough to know the whole world is watching them. Reality TV is dreadful. I bounced between that show and the Bachelorette last night. Such crap. Looks like there won't be much TV watching around here until September. Hey, I just thought of something... All the more time for reading! Yay for me!

Or I could spend my quiet time in my 'studio'. Which equates to my scrapbook room of course, but I think 'studio' has a real flair to it. But since our weekend in Radium, I've had a hard time even looking in there. In fact, if the truth be told... I haven't even done my Mum's Mother's Day card and little giftee yet. (Sorry Mum) I keep going to my 'studio' with great intentions, only to be drawn away by something else completely insignificant. But let's see... If I do it by the wknd, it'll still kind of count, because we're still in May! Yeah, that's it, I'll do it by the weekend. I might even post it on my blog, to prove it! Aha! That's it! A CHALLENGE, that usually gets me going! There, I'm challenging myself to get it done by this weekend and post it on my blog! Stay tuned!

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