Sunday, February 8, 2009

You KNOW You're in for a Treat When...

You make delicious pancakes for breakfast on Sunday morning, and the reaction from the kids is: "Oh, do we have to have pancakes..." I think this is one of the only food items, around our house, which is normally always greeted with excitement. But when both your kids are coughing non-stop, and snot is running down their faces, I guess pancakes just don't do the trick. That's what we woke up to this morning. I feel so bad when they're like this, because there is nothing I can really do to help. At the same time, the constant sniffling, coughing and crying, is a lot to take. And dear sweet Maddy, doesn't want anyone but her Mummy. And her Mummy wants to be anywhere but in the house... Let's hope this runs its course quickly.

Another thing we worked on this weekend were Valentines for the kids to give out to their friends. (I think I already griped and told you the school doesn't want them handed out this year).

Here's the inside, they hold a little box of smarties. Aren't they cute?

Whenever I do craft-type things with my kids, I learn such valuable lessons about myself. I could NEVER home school my children. I just don't know how people do it. I get too frustrated, and my kids lose interest in our project/s. Take these valentine's for instance. I brought out a bunch of heart-day appropriate stamps, and which stamps did they want? Not the ones I had out. And the girl is the WORST. After doing only 2 cards, Mason said, "How many more do I have to do..." He lost interest almost immediately. And then, the moment Mad realized I was putting a box of smarties into the cards, her whole personality changed. Suddenly SHE wants smarties, she likes them, they should be for HER. Now we're battling about why she can't have them. There's a mixture of tears and tantrums and "can't we finish this later"... The table is covered with inks and stamps, pieces of paper that Mace INSISTED on cutting with the cutter. Someone dropped an ink pad on the floor (no, they SHOULDN'T have been picking it up) some one is upset because the stamp didn't go on properly (yes I explained you shouldn't 'rock the stamp') someone is covered in glue from the glue stick (yes I have a cloth to wipe off hands) and all the while, I'm silently wishing I'd picked up some Princess and Diego Valentine's at Super Store, as well as a 750 ml bottle of wine... (and that it didn't count towards my points of course)
Because I've also successfully completed week one of Weight Watchers. And it wasn't too bad. I tracked everything I ate, and actually went down a few pounds this past week. Yay for me. It makes a difference when you realize exactly where on the totem pole everything you put into your mouth sits. This week my goal is to include exercise into my life. Just some walking to start. That's a goal I've had for a long time, but it seems so very unattainable to me.
Right now I'm hoping that Mace wakes up tomorrow feeling well enough to go to school. He's off on thur/fri for teachers convention, and then monday is Family Day. It would be nice to get a few things done around the house while he's at school.

I promised Madelyn we'd make Carrot Muffins tomorrow. She's got a bee in her bonnet about that right now. So I bought some carrots today, and tomorrow we'll do some grating!

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