Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring, please come!

What do you think of my new blog look? I am thinking that it is quite spring-like. Looking outside right now, you'd never know that we're closer to spring than winter. The temps have dipped down again into the -20°'s, not including the lovely windchill, that makes it seem more like -30°. Again with the boots, parka, mitts, toques, scarves, and allowing no skin to show... I don't love this weather, not one bit.

Having said that, when the sun is shining, it does look beautiful outside. The snow twinkles like little diamonds. And I don't have to be outside for too long, and thankfully, I'm not a mail carrier.

Maddy and I get to send Mace off to school, then hunker down and make muffins, or loaves, or cookies, and just be inside. Thankfully we can be dressed up in warm cozy sweats and slippers, and not have to make our way out there. It's not all bad. But I am looking forward to spring/summer. The kids spent 1/2 hour outside yesterday afternoon, and both came in with rosy red, healthy looking cheeks. They love the snow, cold or not. I remember those days too. They actually don't seem that long ago...

February for the most part, has been pretty decent, weather wise. Most of our early Nov/Dec snow slowly melted away. It does amaze me, that after one night of snowfall, we can go back to looking like this again. But, at least it makes the city look clean.


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