Friday, April 27, 2018

PL2018 - Week 11


I honestly thought we'd be staring at it until mid-July. But we've had a few warm days, and a bit of a warm breeze, and suddenly the snow is behind us.  Thank goodness.

In regular Calgary fashion, we went from a heavy snowfall warning a little over a week ago, to 23 degrees Celsius yesterday. I even took Miss Madelyn for a slurpee right after she got off the bus. She asks on a daily basis when it warms up. For a change, I surprised her before she could ask. Mum win. 

Hoping we can put that crummy, longest - winter - ever, behind us. 

Here is week 11 of my project life album: 

  • Catching a glimpse of Madelyn in her element, at school. I love that I have a few photos of the kids at school. It might be neat for them to look back at one day. 
  • Flapper Pie... That's how we celebrated Pi Day. And it was as good as it looked. 
  • A glimpse of what's to come, with the sunset happening a little bit later and later each day. 
  • Barry definitely 'owning it'. Proudly using this newly decorated ringette stick.  
  • Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a 'sort of' fruit rainbow. Pretty heavy on the red colour. 
  • Miss Madelyn, preparing a batch of cookies. 
  • Ringette team sleep over... The coach had 14 twelve and thirteen year old girls sleep over to celebrate the end of the season. #crazy
  • The next morning, Madelyn had to sell Girl Guide cookies, at a cookie drive through. The weather was less than desirable. But Girl Guides are always prepared.

The following Sahlin Studio products were used: 

Like a Boss: 

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