Wednesday, December 20, 2017

PL2017 - Weeks 38 & 39

I have been working on my December Daily album, but it has been slow going. I'm hoping to have some pages to share in the next few days. 

I don't know where the days in December go. Admittedly, we've been busy so far. We started the month off in a ringette tournament in Medicine Hat [Dec 1-3rd] We had another ringette tournament the next weekend as well. Thankfully this one, the Jingle Ring was held in Calgary [Dec 8-10th]. There's much to be said about sleeping in your own bed, and knowing with certainty the way to the rink. Mason was in a tournament last week too, the Christmas Clash. His tourney was played during the week, rather than on the weekend. This freed up our weekend, but we were at the rink Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. 

Today is my last day before the kids are home for Christmas vacation. We all get to rest up and turn off our 6 am alarm clock for the next few weeks. Today I'm going to wrap up a few presents, and make sure I have everything in order for Christmas. I feel pretty confident that I have finished my Christmas shopping. But there's always something that gets forgotten or is last minute. 

Yesterday and last night, we were under a snowfall warming. It snowed and snowed and snowed. Sometimes they're right with their weather predictions. We went from no snow to be found, to quite an impressive accumulation. It absolutely makes it feel more Christmas-y. That feeling has been missing. I think it's partly because we've been enjoying such nice weather. Today is all about coffee drinking, gift wrapping, maybe even cookie baking. I am even going to have the Christmas carols playing. Because NOW even if it didn't feel like Christmas, it certainly looks like Christmas. 

I've got to power through as well, and get my last few weeks of project life for 2017 finished up. 

For October and November, I'm just doing a 2 page monthly layout. Last year, I was a little behind, so I followed the same format then. I don't stress about what I have or have not done. I'm simply happy to get some stories and memories recorded. 

This project life album can be whatever you want it to be. There are no rules. 

With my December Daily album, the month is documented, but on a daily story-by-story basis. I haven't decided how I'll document my December in my project life album yet. And whatever I decide to do, I'm okay with. Remember what I said? There are no rules.  

Week 38:

  • High school hallways
  • Enjoying the scenery
  • Happy Anniversary photo
  • Our little hat girl. Always wearing a hat.
  • Our first miserable day in September.
  • Celebrating Barry's birthday.

Week 39:

  • The colours are spectacular right now, Nose Hill looks amazing. 
  • Found a woodshed in Jasper. 
  • Mum and I got last minute tickets to see The Sound of Music, our seats were AH-maz-ing. 
  • Jasper trip with Madelyn's Trex group. 
The following Sahlin Studio product was used

Week 38

Photo Journal no.1 Templates :

For week 39, I used the following Paislee Press product:

4x6 templates - volume 6.
All the Feels 

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