Monday, November 6, 2017

PL2017 - Week 31

We just had our first real blast of winter. 

It's a bummer. It's cold. It's snowy. And at this time of year, I really do feel like hibernating. It's getting dark earlier and earlier each day. Yesterday we changed the clocks back. 

On the bright side, we did have our first fire in the fireplace last night. Nothing like the sound of crackling wood, and smell of cedar, snuggled under the blanket. 

It makes me glad to go back to summer photos and warmer longer days. 

Here is week 31: 

Another camping trip to the mountains. This time Mum and Dad joined us. It allows us to go on family bike rides. [We can't leave Miss Libby alone at the campsite] The weather started off amazing [read HOT] and then got colder and colder. By the day we left, it was miserable. Glad we had lots of warm clothes, as well as the furnace in A&B's R.V. The night before we left, we played games and all sat around inside their RV. Also, the fire ban was still on.  We were lucky enough to use Dad's propane powered 'fire pit'. It was better than nothing, but not quite like roasting marshmallows over the fire. Barry also ended the trip by getting a pine branch in the eye. Scratched his eyeball. It was pretty scary. We got in to see the eye doctor a few hours after we got back. They take eye trauma very seriously. He was given ointment, and by the next day had nearly healed itself. [Apparently the eyeball heals amazingly rapidly] We were so lucky it wasn't worse. 

We also got to celebrate Baba's birthday. We're always glad to have the opportunity to eat cake and sing. 

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