Sunday, February 5, 2017

PL2017 - Week 3

I have been struggling with picture taking recently. Very unusual for me... But for week 3, there wasn't much to pick from. 

It worked out well, that week 3 ended up being on the backside of a page protector I'd cut down for week 2. 

The highlight of week 3, was taking the kids out to lunch on a Friday afternoon. DQ's was the unanimous choice for my ice cream loving duo. Of course, after we'd eaten, I made them take photos with me. Madelyn is still pretty eager, but as you can see in these photos, my soon to be 15 year old, was less than amused. What made the situation even more hilarious [at least for Madelyn and I] was taking the photos in snap chat. [Heaven's no, I have no idea how to use the app] But thanks to Madelyn, we can take and save ridiculous pictures from it. And boy, we do have a fun with all the different filters. Well, Mad and I have fun any way. 

I'm pretty sure Mason thinks I'm nuts. And I'm okay with that. His reaction when he saw his face as a deer, was priceless... This photo will forever make me smile. 

As you can see, Mad has mastered the filters, and takes photos when ever my phone is laying around. It certainly makes for some hilarity on the camera roll. 

We have owl activity again, so we need to keep a close eye on Libby when she goes outside. We've seen the owl pictured above, and another very large one... Enjoying the late night 'who-who's'. 

Crazy hair day at school happened, and I was reminded about it at 9:45 pm, the night before. Thankfully I found the perfect solution on Pinterest. Octopus hair. Easy to do, and the put together only kept me up until 10:15. Thank goodness I had felt, googley eyes and glue for my glue gun on hand. 

The following Sahlin Studio product was used: 

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