Wednesday, February 1, 2017

PL2017 - Week 2

My intention for my 2017  album is to take each week as it comes. I wouldn't say I have a set plan in place. If I want to document tidbits or stories throughout the week, I'll do that. If I want to focus more on one story, then I'll do that.

That's how week 2 came to be. This was the dreaded week of Esso Minor Hockey week, and Esso Golden ring. In 9 days, between 2 kids, we had 12 ice times. Mason had 3 practises and 3 games. Madelyn had 1 practice and 5 games. We always know that this week we can expect things to be a bit nutty. After last year, we were more prepared. We actually dodged a bullet, Mason's team didn't go as far this year, you can only lose twice, then you're out. So that freed Barry up to watch all of Madelyn's games. Last year he missed most of her games, because of hockey conflicts. 

I kind of wanted the main focus of this week to be on the rinks. Where essentially, we spend our winter...

Like I mentioned, the boys lost-won-lost, so were out after 3 games. [Not all bad]

The girls tied-lost-won-won-lost. They made it to the semi final game, and were beat by the team that went on from that game, to win gold. 

I complain about how busy we are, and how rare it is to have a free night on our calendar, but at the same time, these kids love playing. I'm not going to lie, the 6:45 am ringette practises, are a tough sell. But they get up and go, willingly, with little to no complaints. And in all honesty, I love watching them both play. 

Both kids have improved so much over the years. Mason is so fast up and down the ice, it makes my head spin, thinking back to his first years... And Madelyn has become very comfortable and competent on the ice. She's a different player this year, battling in the corners for the ring. It's so fun to watch. 

So though EMHW and EGRT are a ridiculously busy week, schedule wise, it's just a quick blip on the January calendar once it's over.

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