Friday, July 15, 2016

PL2016 - Week 19

Here is my layout for week 19 of my project life album.

This was one busy week.

First off, our little girl turned 11.  E L E V E N... How can that possibly be? Her 11th birthday happened to be the same day as the school's musical performance of "Off Their Rocker's", which Madelyn had the part of Rosie. [The premise of the musical was a bunch of people in a old folks home reminiscing about the music of yesterday] It was only about 1/2 an hour long, Mad delivered her line perfectly, and all the work that had gone into this performance was worth it. I got a great photo of Mason, which these days isn't easy. We also had the Division II Music Concert, which was another event entirely. After that performance a bunch of the kids from school went to DQ to celebrate with an 'after' party. These cute boys are some of her classmates.

And sadly, we lost Madelyn's little Stump this week. It was traumatic for all involved. [Well, mostly me and Madelyn I think] The next day we held a little service for her beloved hamster. 5 weeks was not long enough, she's told me on a number of occasions. That's how long she had him. 5 week... Eeks. Not looking to do that again anytime soon, though we probably have 3 years worth of hamster supplies.

Sahlin Studio product used:

Highs &Lows - Elements
Highs &Lows - Journal Cards
Highs & Lows - paper
Paper Piercing Stitch Holes

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