Friday, October 30, 2015

PL2015 - Week 31

At this point, we were full swing into summer. We had 4 weeks under our belts, and were in the routine of 'laid back'. It was also the week we were looking forward to heading away on our summer vacation.

Week 31:

This week we did a test bus run. We found out that starting in Grade 8, Mason would be required to get himself to school on his own, via city transit.  We looked up the route he needed, where he'd have to transfer, and took ourselves on a little adventure. I wanted him to be familiar with the stops he'd need to get on/off at. When I explained to the bus driver what we were doing, he was incredibly kind. He told me I was a great Mum, and then didn't let us pay our fare. He gave us transfers, and said kind words to us the whole time we were on that bus. This week was also the week Madelyn decided she wanted to cook supper. It went surprisingly well, and we have had them again since. I also realized this week that Mason has shot up in height quite a bit, since May. We also headed west, towards BC for our annual summer vacation. Traffic was insane, but thankfully thinned out by the time we got to Lake Louise.

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Like A Boss Kit
All About This - digital stamps
Photo Templates Vol. 1 - landscape

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