Wednesday, October 21, 2015

PL2015 - Week 30

Week 30 fell in the middle of the summer.

This was the week I took the kids camping with a friend.

This is the week I felt kind of empowered because 1) I took the kids camping with a friend. [I was the one that loaded the vehicle with camping stuff, coolers of food, bevvies (both child and adult friendly) I gathered clothes and extra blankets. I loaded bikes onto the bike rack [which is a lot trickier than it looks]

and 2) Because I went camping. In the woods. with my kids. Without Barry.

I did stay in a tent trailer, which kept my bear anxiety at bay. Well, between the trailer and the wine, that was what kept my bear anxiety at bay...

Any way, here is week 30: 

Sahlin Studio Product Used:

Composition Elements
Composition Journal Cards
Composition Paper

I also used these Photo Templates, Vol. 1 in Portrait.

I created the 8 picture collage by altering one of the templates. 

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