Thursday, January 15, 2015

PL2014 - Week 43

Believe it or not, I am caught up. I've even done the first week of 2015.

Do I plan to continue on with project life this year? You bet. Last years format of a page a week was awesome. It worked out just fine for me. If I wanted to add more, I could. But a page was enough to capture the stories I wanted captured.

I am planning to do a lump post, of a bunch of layouts. But, the photos are all still at the developers. I have yet to pick them up. So, it will be awhile yet, before I can do that.

For now, here's week 43:

This week: our ski passes arrived in the mail. I have mixed feelings because I'm excited, but not necessarily about the snow... A visit with Gigi. Madelyn found a leaf shaped like a heart. The boy playing volleyball. Kids at the Halloween Hop [Mason informed us he was going as the Grade 7 Jr. High kid, who didn't dress up] And we decorated skeleton cookies.

Product used from Sahlin Studio:

Autumn Frost Kit and Journal cards 

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