Thursday, January 22, 2015

PL2014 - Catch Up Cluster - Weeks 44 through 48

Doesn't it always seem, like there's never enough time? I constantly seem to be plagued with 'busy-ness'. There never seems to be enough time to get things finished. I am always saying to myself things like, "When Christmas is over, I'll have more time to spending doing this..." Or, "As soon as the kids are back to school, I'll be able to do that..."

And oddly enough, this and that don't seem to happen.

I don't want to wish my time away. I don't. I'm frightened that my kids are getting older and bigger, with each passing day, not to mention each passing year... In the not to distant future, I WILL be able to leave my kids home alone. Both of them. And that's pretty scary.  At least to me it's scary.

Madelyn recently took the home alone class at school, and is absolutely DYING to stay home alone. And that's not going to happen. Not this year any way. And I'm sure I felt this way about Mason too, once. But now he does have the freedom to stay home by himself here and there. It's not a regular occurrence, but it did seem to happen quite naturally, when it did begin to happen.

Kudos go out to all you Mama's out there, who work either full or part time, and parent. And care for the house. And get your kids to sporting events. You totally rock.

Having gotten that off my chest, I have some pages 2014 project life pages to share. I hope to get completely caught up in the next couple of posts.

Week 44:

This was the week I played along with Ali Edwards, A Week in the Life. I just printed off all the photos for that album. I now need to put it together. Once I do, I will share it on the blog.

Week 45:

It's taxing my brain a little bit, to go back this far... This week started off great. With unseasonably warm temperatures. Libby corralled in the kitchen, love you can see her little head peeking above the board. Great walk along the Glenmore Reservoir with the girls. Red cups are back! Pictures of food, might be something a bit new. Saturday was jam packed, Madelyn had a Veteran's bottle drive with the Girl Guides, then we had to leave for her to play ringette [where she got her first hat trick!] Then we went to Mason's game across town, and then a date for Barry and I to go to the McKnight Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction. When we came out, it had started to snow, and then snowed like crazy.

Week 46:

Madelyn has set up a vet clinic in the basement, and has all sorts of cubbies lined up ready for customers. A walk down by the river, that is breath-taking. My sandwhich picture was posted in the Calgary Herald. Hip Hop dance presentation at SVS. Kids at G&G's house.

Week 47:

This week, we had Miss Libby fixed, so it was a quiet couple of days, trying to keep her calm. Mad always reading. Game playing. Home made chicken noodle soup. A lunch date with my favourite little boy.

Week 48:

This week we started putting up the tree. Poor thing sat like this for a week... First red cup of the season. Snowfall warning. Lunch date with my favourite girl. Birthday celebration. Grey Cup winners! And first Xmas party of the season.

Following Sahlin Studio Product used:

Week 44

Autumn Frost

Week 45

Sahlin Studio portion of the MPM kit - Gather
Word Art  - Add on
Washi Tape - Add on

Week 46

Documentary Kit 
Magical Photo Overlays

Week 47

Flashback Bundle

Week 48

PS I Love You - Kit

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