Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PL2014 - Week 36

I have some bad news. Winter has arrived. Just like that. One day it's 17° Celsius and we were marveling about the temperatures, and the next its snowing like crazy. And snowing. And snowing. Sadly with the snowing comes the dropping of the temperature.

We went out on Saturday night, and came home to wet snow. The wet snow, then turned to ice, as it often does when temperatures plummet. I retreated into the house for 2 days. Not to emerge. At all. Poor Libby. And poor us with Libby. Having a dog that needs to go out, certainly changes things up a bit. Not to mention that she LOVES the snow, and could care less about the significant dip in temperature... It will only be a matter of time, until I need to trudge out into the yard to do a puppy rescue. She doesn't know what her limitations are. I hope this won't last all winter. Here she is, crying at the back door. Wanting out. And don't get me wrong. We let her out. A lot. But it's the drying off thing that is most challenging. Because the back door is also in our kitchen. My next house will for sure have a mudroom.

Any way, I did sort through my week in the life pictures and create pages. That's what cocooning yourself inside will do. I have to send them off to be printed, which I intend to do at good old Costco. I went with a 6x8 size, and will have a mixture of 6x8, 4x6 and even some 3x2's.

I have used Persnickety prints in the past, for all my scrapping stuff, and the shipping to Canada, though very reasonable at first, got silly. Therefore, I'm looking once again for other options.

Here is my week 36 layout, for project life:

Week 36 saw the Labour Day Parade in Cochrane. Crazy cousins sticking spoons to their noses. The first day of school. Ringette evaluations beginning. A certain grade 7 boy, getting cell phone. A girl guide bottle drive, and a bewildered puppy. [Where does everyone go all day long?]

Sahlin Studio Product Used:


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