Wednesday, April 9, 2014

PL2014 - Week 10

Here is week 10 of my project life book. I still love this project. Just as passionately as I did 2 years ago when I first started. I'm loving the single page format this year. Its short and sweet, and allows me to document stories from the week.

Week 10:

This week was COLD. Of course, it was also the same week that my M&D left for their holiday. They were heading to warmer temps. Sadly, we were not. We celebrated Shrove Tuesday with pancakes for dinner of course. Mace checked out his intended Junior High School. It's a bit surreal for his Mum and Dad... I captured a picture of Madelyn at Junior Life Saving, she had to swim 50m pulling a life size dummy behind her. Her swimming has really improved. Madelyn made a special sign for Mason's hockey game. And guess what... They won! It was the most exciting game, that went into overtime! We celebrated by heading to A&W for a bite to eat afterwards.

Sahlin Studio Product used:

Reflection Bundle
Magic Photo Overlay

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