Wednesday, April 23, 2014

24 Hours Was All it Took

We looked forward to Easter last week. The kids got 4 days off of school. I'm always thrilled, when there are extra days off school.

Friday, being Good Friday, we had a lazy morning, we debated going on a picnic. Or rather, I debated going on a picnic. We haven't been to Elbow falls in a while, and I think we need to get there, before it's inundated with people...

Mason took one look at me, and one look out the window, and suggested we wait until the weather was a bit more willing to cooperate...

You see. It snowed.
A lot.
But this time, it was okay, because we only had the white stuff on the ground for 24 hours. It was a mixture of rain and snow for quite awhile, it wasn't really accumulating. Perhaps a bit on the grass, but the roads were fine.

Until they weren't.

We made a trip to Home Depot, Barry tells me that's his happy place, but I'm only good for about 20 minutes...[Thankfully we had a Tim Horton's run to look forward to after I endured more time than I wanted to at Home Depot] By the time we got home, it was snowing. Like. Crazy.


Little girl, was in her glory. She loves the snow. [Though I promise when I say, she's actually physically said, OUT LOUD, "Enough already"] It was the kind of snow that was the perfect consistency for snowmen. It was quiet and serene. It wasn't too terribly cold. So she put on her boots, got a hat and mitts, and created her masterpiece:

 The next morning, was bright and sunny. The snow began to melt almost immediately. You could hear it running down the house, in the eaves, down the gutter. You could hear it dripping from all over. That's such a joyful sound... Birds chirping, snow melting... One of my favourites for sure.

By dinner time, less than 24 hours after this wonderful creation was made, this was all that was left of it.

First off, there was that precarious tilt backwards... Surely he was going to fall over. Nope. Just his head fell off... And then he was gone. Just like that.

We're now well into April. So ready to be done with the snow. Want to see green grass, and lovely coloured blooms on trees. Ready to see flowers begin to emerge from gardens. We get so ripped off when it comes to spring.

Keeping our fingers crossed that this is the last snowman of spring.

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