Tuesday, March 4, 2014

PL2014 - Weeks 3 & 4

I'm very nearly caught up with my physical project life pages. I'm still behind on posting them, but let me tell you, knowing they're finished and just need to be posted, reduces my stress level quite a lot.

I am enjoying the one page format. For one thing, it doesn't take nearly as long. Half the space, takes  half the time to create! I've also added in the occasional 'insert' to be have more pictures for a particular event. Week 3 includes one of these 'particular' events. Our day trip to Lake Louise back at the end of January. We have been trying to get there, to the ice magic festival, for years. This year all the stars aligned and we were able to check it out.

First of all, the back drop is stunning... C'mon, it's Lake Louise after all. Gorgeous no matter what the season is.

Before I start to ramble on, I'd best post my layouts.

Here is Week 3:

This week I got a juror summons [it ended up being cancelled the day before] Starting to see the most incredible morning sunrises. Icy walking paths, which we can't escape. And, a certain little boy checking out a potential junior high school. Eeks!

Week 3 - insert side A:
Week 3 - insert side B:

We had so much fun. There was SO MUCH SNOW out there.  We have had a lot of cold this winter, and we had record amounts of snowfall through November and December, but since Christmas, we've had hardly any snow. It's been kind of weird actually. But to go out there, and see how high the snowbanks were, was kind of crazy.

The kids and Barry skated on the frozen lake.  I chickened out, last minute. Just not a strong skater people. Any way, I highly recommend checking it out. Next time I'd love to try snow shoeing. 

Week 4:

Week 4 had Barry working a lot of evenings, so I played games with the kids, a science project well under way. Getting ready to install a desk in Mason's room. Pajama Day at school. The most amazing sunset, and a lunch date with my girl.

Sahlin Studio Product used:

Week 3:

Life as We Know It
Apple Orchard

Week 4:

Acrylic Arrows
Melon Sorbet Bundle

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