Friday, August 17, 2012

Awesome so Far

This summer so far, can be summed up in one word: AWESOME. 

First of all, the weather has been spectacular. Like for reals. Had I put the kids in out door swim lessons this year, I wouldn't have sat on the edge of the pool deck under layers, blankets and an umbrella, shivering. Maybe that's why this summer has been so great? Because the kids weren't in swim lessons at the outdoor pool? If so, I'll take it, and I'll remember that again for next year! We've had to buy more sunscreen this year, because I've run out. RUN. OUT. Of. Sunscreen. On account of all the nice days. An awesome problem to have right?

It also feels like the summer has gone on forever. I mean, when you're coming to the end of August, isn't that exactly how you're supposed to feel? Like the summer has gone on forever? We were away for a week, then the kids both did 2 week long camps. It's been the right mixture of being busy and not being busy.

I am watching sadly as the days are getting shorter... Gosh how I love June. It's been hot, and I'm still not ready yet, to put on jeans and sweaters. Nope, hoping this lasts through September at least. We've got to the outdoor pools weekly this summer, and this year with Miss Madelyn being 7 years old, I don't have to stay 'within an arms reach of her at all times'... Seriously... It's been so cool to watch them have such fun at the pool.

I thought I should go back, and check out my 'Summer Manifesto' I created back in June, to see how summer has stacked up so far:

This will be the summer of…being plugged in… Not to electronics, but to my kids.  I have succeeded at this one, but the kids have spent more time playing electronics that I'd like to admit.
This will be the summer of the opportunity to bowl weekly should we choose to.  We haven't been weekly, but we've been!
This will be the summer of spending less time in the house, and more time outside.  Yes...
This will be the summer of spontaneity [because I’m not very good at this]  Still not very good at it, but getting better.
This will be the summer of  eating outside more.  I don't think once counts...
This will be the summer of a camp-out in the backyardCheck. Kids and  Barry indeed had a sleep out.
This will be the summer of making pickles with my Mum and ChrisPickles will be ready mid September.
This will be the summer of less television and video games.  Failed a bit here I fear...
This will be the summer of no limit on the number of popsicles consumed, or the time of day they can begin consuming them. Replace the word popsicle with ice cream, and yes, we've consumed far more than usual this summer.
This will be the summer of not cringing if my bare toes feel the grass. Nope. Can't. Do. It...
This will be the summer of fresh fruit, yogurt, granola and mini muffins for breakfasts.   Delish...
This will be the summer of truly not caring what anyone thinks or doesn’t think of me in a bathing suit.  Nah... Still care.
This will be the summer of not being self conscience every time I have a pair of shorts on.  Don't care.
This will be the summer of long bike rides and short bike rides.   Enjoying bike time with the kiddos for sure.
This will be the summer of having the kids help me plan for meals and picking out fresh produce.  Yeah right... Unfortunately pepperoni pizza  isn't in the produce section.
This will be the summer of more trips to the Farmer’s Market.  Our most favourite thing, the baby carrots.And the fresh fruit has been amazing, though we've had to re-mortgage our house to pay for it... ;-) I joke... Kinda...
This will be the summer of movies in the backyard. Not yet... But hopefully soon!
This will be the summer of walking up Nose Hill.  Love it up there, it's like you leave the city.
This will be the summer of planning a little bit better, so that we are excited about things to do each day. The kids are simply excited to be at home for summer holidays each day!
This will be the summer of camping with Ama & Baba. One trip down, one to go!
This will be the summer of watching the firework show in August.  That's coming up pretty soon!
This will be the summer of reading… I have not one, not two, but three avid readers in my house. I've read 3 awesome books this summer and the kids have kept up to date with the reading program at the library.
This will be the summer of regular spelling tests so the kids are ready to face grade 2 and grade 5. We've worked on this a little bit. Not put in as much time as we probably should have.
This will be the summer of science experiments, because Miss Madelyn is so very keen. Right... We need to do this.
This will be the summer of salads for supper. They've been super!
This will be the summer of late night scrap booking. I am totally caught up!! Woohoo!
This will be the summer of basement organization. Nope. Gonna wait until it get's colder outside.
This will be the summer of simplifying...
I think we've done a pretty good job.
I have taken lots of pictures, because that's what I do. But I have certainly taken more with my iphone than with my actual DSLR. So every now and then, I make myself bring the big one. [Don't get me wrong, LOVE THAT CAMERA] just the iphone fits so easily anywhere, and takes some pretty darn good photos!
  Up at the pond on Nose Hill, looking for frogs and snakes. We found neither.
 Barry and the kids.
 Me and the kids.

One night Bar & I had a semi date, the kids were away, and we went to Peter's for a milkshake and then to Crescent Road to sit. I caught this amazing shot of the sun setting. [Those crazy clouds were full of lightning]

We've got 2 more full weeks off before the kids head back to school... We're going to try and enjoy those days as much as possible.

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