Sunday, February 12, 2012

Madelyn's Party Complete with Special Guest

On Thursday, I got an invitation to a party.

By Thursday night, the party had morphed into a very special event indeed. A special guest had been invited. She kept this buttoned up tight...

A little secret about our Miss Madelyn, although she can be challenging at times, she can also be sweet. Very sweet. She had talked to Ama [who it turned out was the special guest... ;-)] And had arranged for her to bring apple juice and a special treat. After all, what is a party without food?

She went on and on about her upcoming party and her 'special guest', who would most certainly be in attendance. She had to change the party to Sunday to accommodate our social calendar this weekend. Now, I would be lying if I said that I was surprised the special guest was Ama. There was a lot of whispering and phone calls between the two of them in the past couple of days, but I did act surprised and delighted when I found out who the special guest was.

Now Ama, was not totally certain what was expected of her... I might have indicated to her that this is not a big deal. Meh. We'll get around this somehow, don't worry about it... You needn't come bucketing over first thing Sunday morning, I told her...

In my mind, I was pretty sure that once Sunday morning rolled around I'd be able to talk her out of a party with the promise of breakfast out somewhere.

What I didn't anticipate however, was being awakened this morning at 8:30, and being told that I had to get up immediately because our special guest would be here any second... What I didn't anticipate is a little girl who'd gotten up, made her bed, cleaned her room [because naturally, that's where the party was being held] gotten herself dressed [in her Christmas dress] and decorated her room for the party, she also had a little table set up, ready for food... Those are the things I didn't anticipate...

So, I kid you not, an emergency phone call went out. I had to hide myself in the bathroom, with the water running, so Madelyn wouldn't hear me say to my Mum... "Get over here, pronto!"

And my sweet Mother, our sweet Ama, phoned Madelyn back, told her she had to have a quick shower, and would be there shortly. To buy us a little bit of time to at least get a coffee into us...

Here are a few pictures of our little party, which took place this morning at about 9:45 am.

Initially the boys hadn't been invited, but she felt bad and invited them to attend too.

Thank you Ama, for being available to come bucketing over at a moments notice. She was extremely pleased with herself for being a hostess... She held a great party. This is what memories are made up of.

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