Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Today the kids had pizza lunch at school. I'll admit, I find pizza lunch a little bit stressful, when I'm volunteering... Let's face it, there is always a mix up. Always a kid who ordered a pepperoni, only to find you have nothing but vegetarian left... Or, 'I ordered a chocolate milk, not white milk' and all the chocolate milks are gone... Eeks.

It didn't help that I was handing out pizza to the grade four's, some of them stand in front of me and look me in the eye... Like how'd that happen? When did those kids from kindergarten get so tall and lanky? But they were also so willing to please, which warmed my heart. Mason came up and hugged me in front of a class room of his peers. At first there were 'Is that Mason's Mum?' then later, 'Are you Mason's Mum?' as they approached me to pick up pizza. I had kids who wanted to be helpers [thank heaven's they've had more experience with this than I have] and another Mum who finally came to my rescue, when we were short 7 pepperoni pizzas... In the end, it all worked out. Everyone got what they ordered, and the kids I didn't know before, now know which person in their class I belong to. I do love to be at the school, and I like to know who my kids hang out with.

I didn't go crazy this year with treats, my kids have way too many sweets. I made these sweet little matchbox treats I'd found, where else, on Pinterest... They got that and a card, that's it!

Miss Madelyn came home from school on cloud 9. She wanted to 'give people stuff'. She collected a few things, and had us all sit in the living room. There, she handed treats out [she collected stuff around the house]

She opened all her Valentine's from school and the package Ama and Baba had sent home on Sunday night. She told me, 'those people really love me' [talking about Ama & Baba] I guess because I decorated a matchbox and put 8 smarties in in, I wasn't included in that blanket statement... It's okay, I have broad shoulders.

Mason's class, being grade four and all, didn't 'exchange' valentines this year. They made hearts during class time, and everyone in all the grade 4 classes signed it. [We did however make Valentines, he handed them out at recess]

Madelyn had been to Safeway with Barry, she bought Mason a bag of Werther's Original hard candies. She then put a Heineken in a bag for Barry. She's nothing if not thoughtful...

We then went for supper to Boston Pizza, for our traditional heart shaped pizza.

I had a bit of a hissy-fit, and so instead of having just one pizza, we ordered a pepperoni for the kids:

And Barry and I enjoyed a Great White North, with ham and cheddar cheese... Mmmmm.

We came home and enjoyed strawberries dipped in chocolate for dessert, and Barry and I enjoyed a glass of wine with our dessert. It was terrific.

This was the cards I created for the kids, both of them were pleased with the outcome, as was I!

Another successful Valentine's under our belt.

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