Sunday, January 8, 2012

I've Decided

To do Project Life. I have been watching a few bloggers, and been so inspired by them over the past year. I began to do some research [because that's what I do, research] and I love how everyone has a different take on this project. I have sat on the fence about committing to this, for the past few months. Hubsy was going to buy me the Becky Higgins kit for Christmas, but I never ordered it. I basically talked myself out of it. If you recall, I did a Project 365 in 2010. It was a ginormous project. By the end of it, I was done. I was not one bit interested in doing it again for 2011. Then I started to compile stuff for my December Daily Album. I started seeing Project Life stuff, and I got more and more intrigued. This is what finally made me jump in with both feet:

That's right I can do it. How. Ever. I. Want... So I'm starting it, and believe it or not, just sent all my photos to be printed for the first week already... I know, right? [Let's wait and see if I'm this enthusiastic in 6 months]

I spent two whole days last week [special thanks to Ama for having my kids for a sleep over that started at lunch time, and for kids who had a Phineas and Ferb marathon in their jammies one day] sorting out layouts for my December Daily, and doing some scrapbook catching up. I mean when you're sending an order in and you're paying for shipping, you have to get the best bang for your buck. Having said that, I have two giant baseball sized knots in my back, from so much computer work... [Because naturally, once my right hand got sore from the mouse, I switched to my left hand] Barry is not as sympathetic as I'd like... Every time I hint at a massage, he just kinda snorts at me... I think he probably feels like 40 hours in front of a computer in the past week, mostly until the wee hours of the morning, [thank heaven's for winter break] was not the best use of my time.

What all this scrapping has done, is get me totally pumped about scrapbooking again. [I haven't scrapped since the kids started school in September. I still have our.... gasp... Disneyland trip to do] Now I'm just all jazzed up to do the Project Life thing, and just kind take it day by day. Not get to worked up about it. Take it as. it. comes.

I'm also really excited to be able to add some of my instagrams into my stories. I got an iphone for Christmas don't ya know. SO excited about some of the scrapbooking qualities this affords me. I mean, what's not to love?

Not so excited about the texting... Sorry Nicole, I just don't check it like that... But if you need to reach me, CALL ME.... I promise I'll answer.

That's all I've got right now. My shoulders are throbbing and the hot tub is calling my name.

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