Thursday, January 12, 2012

12 Instagrams on the 12th, January 2012

Last year I did 11 on the 11th, the year was 2011. In 2010 I did 10 on the 10th. [See the trend?] So it makes sense that this year I do 12 on the 12th [and then thank heaven's, be done with it] As much as I like the idea, I just don't have that many more random tidbits to share...Having said that, I am not a quitter... So I've come up with another approach.


12 random pictures, that are taken, that day, the 12th of each month. Bear with me, because I suddenly came up with this idea this afternoon around 2:30 pm. Considering my day started much earlier than that, there are a number of things that I missed capturing... [ The chunks of ice floating in the Bow River. Auntie Gertie err, I mean Ama in a hat. [Jokes Mum, just jokes...] Man that wind, on a non-windy day was cold. A bunch of chit-chat at a coffee shop, after the walk. Seeing the sun... It disappeared behind the clouds shortly after I arrived home, but it was out and it was beautiful first thing this morning] All of this before noon!

So I crammed 12 pictures into a 6 hour window. Next month I'll be more on the ball. I know it's something I'll definitely be able to do... Excited about it.

1. Playmobil has been popular and well played with since Christmas. 2. Sweet little ivy plants, they were outside, but I brought them in for winter. 3. Skylanders, it's a wii game Mace loves right now. 4. On the way home from the bus. 5. Miss Madelyn got her scholastic order, always so much fun to browse through and circle favourites. 6. Reading through the playmobil book, circling sets she wants. 7. Hot mug'ga tea [yummy Lipton Cinnamon Spiced Chai] 8. Mason, ready for Cubs, having his dessert, a couple of bites out of a Hershey's Cookies and Cream Bar. [Yes, the same one he got from Santa at Christmas, oy...] 9. Miss Madelyn her first night back at gymnastics. 10. Snack before bed, the kids, not Barry, he has his later. 11. Sharing a glass of wine with my sweetie. 12. Still loving my candles from Christmas, found the idea on Pinterest you know...

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