Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I hate it when you go through little phases like this... The phase of being utterly un-inspired...

Back in September, on the very first day of school, I rushed home, scrapbooked the first day of school pictures and sent them off to be printed. As of then, I was completely caught up with my scrapbooking. Right now I feel completely un-inspired to scrapbook.

I have over 500 pictures of our trip to Disneyland, and I'm still un-inspired.

We're 2 weeks away from Halloween [my MOST favourite time of the year] and I'm un-inspired. I'm trying to thwart that a bit though... For the sake of the kids. Starting this week I'm adding a few little extras into their lunches. Some jokes, some spooky things, I picked up Halloween hand sanitizers at Bath & Bodyworks. The anticipation of the countdown makes them giddy. On Sunday night Madelyn actually couldn't sleep because she's so excited about Halloween! Yesterday, for their lunch boxes, I made them individual english muffin pizzas, with strips of mozza and olive eyes peering out... Mason ate his, Madelyn ate hers at 4 pm, after school when she realized what it was. I mean why would you open up the your lunch box and check at lunch time? Seeing as how I often send chicken gizzards and fish eggs to school....NOT. Today I sent them each an orange, with a jack 'o lantern face on it. [Or in Madelyn's case, a Jack Skellington face on it] But will they eat them? I highly doubt it... But at least it gets them revved up for Halloween.

I made these on Sunday night:
They turned out super cute, using Pillsbury crescent rolls, but would Madelyn even try it? Nope... So it kind of takes away some of the joy of WANTING to do these types of things for the kids.

I did try something new this year, I have coveted Martha Stewart's black witch curtains, made out of plastic bags for a couple of years now. And as much as I'd love a house with a giant front veranda, that's not what I have at the moment. So here's my take.

With a light on in the garage, it's going to be spook-ta-cular!

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