Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Slightly Crazed...

I'm gearing up for the end of October in a slightly crazed fashion... This week has been really busy, and as the weekend rolls closer, it doesn't seem to get any less busy.

Tomorrow, Hubsy and I are taking in a concert... I'm not sure how I got roped into it, but I did, and I'm going. We're going to see the Foo Fighters. [It was dangerously close to being Judas Priest] I think we might even try to fit a bite to eat in before hand. How exciting. I'm going to wear my new boots and jeggings... Yup, you read right. Jeggings... [I hope I'm not delusional, I want it to look great] I always warm up to something, when it's beginning to go out of fashion. Any way, it's a big night out for us. We've got grand-parental back-up taking over... My Dad will get Mason to Cubs and Ama will get Miss Madelyn to gymnastics. We're so darn lucky. Thanks Ama & Baba.

Friday, the kids are off at noon. I have to get Mason in for a haircut, I just can't believe how fast his hair grows and how thick it is. Friday evening, we've got the Halloween Hop. A dance for elementary kids is crazy, but the kids have so much fun.

Saturday carries on with a birthday party in the morning for Mason. A luncheon to celebrate October birthday's and meet the newest addition to our family, Miss Isabella. [Can't wait to get my hands on that baby...] Then Saturday night we have a retirement party to attend.

Sunday the boys are selling poppies with cubs [last weekend they did a bottle drive and the weekend before that they were at camp] Then, finally late Sunday afternoon, we're having a little Pumpkin Carving get together... I'm not having a kids halloween party this year, so this is my way of not feeling too guilty about that fact. [Though I do still feel a bit guilty about that fact]

So we head into Monday with pumpkins carved, kids go to school. I am helping out with Pizza lunch at school. After school Mason swims, we'll have to race home, gobble down dinner and the kids will go out trick or treating...

Sometimes weeks at a time, just don't seem to get any slower...

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