Friday, July 8, 2011

Mara 2011

Last year I was tickled pink, because while we were away on vacation I was able to blog. I was bummed out by the lack of pictures mind you, but still thrilled with the prospect of keeping things captured.

This year, has been a bit different. I haven't blogged until today... Over a week into our vacation. The connection speed has been giving us difficulty. Too bad, so sad.

We've been really lucky up until yesterday afternoon, weather-wise that is. We were witness to a beautiful outside wedding in Canmore, Alberta on Canada Day. Seriously, it's such a risk to plan something like a wedding outside, so far in advance, and it was a perfect day. After that, we made our way to B.C. The weather was so-so when we arrived, and has just got hotter [thank goodness] In fact, up until yesterday afternoon it was Africa hot. [Something we always like to say, when it's absolutely sweltering] Then suddenly the clouds began to roll in, and within an hour we were battening down the hatches and bracing ourselves for a storm. The storm came, the lake got angry and rough, the skies opened and rain poured down. We even had impressive display of thunder [only a few lightning strikes, which I'm always grateful for]

We woke up this morning, still grey and rainy, but this afternoon, the clouds parted and the sun came out again. The kids shook off sweatshirts and long pants, and once again headed to the beach in bathing suits. They were rewarded with a couple hours of sunshine, and that BC heat, then the clouds came together again. We hope that this runs it's course, and we're on for nice weather for the remainder of the week.

As far as blogging goes, will I have another chance? I don't know. But I'll sure try my darndest!

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