Friday, December 18, 2009

Ahhhhhh....School is Over...

I rushed around for the last time Friday afternoon.

Both kids are finished school (Mason was done Thursday, and Madelyn had her last day of preschool Friday). We have 2 days short of 3 weeks of 'family time'. All I know, is that NO ONE had better call my house before 9 am, for the next 3 wks. [Yes, I KNOW how lucky I am, to have kids that either a) sleep in, or b) are too scared to wake me up :-)]

The kids and I concocted a special little treat to take to the kids at school. We sent these little gems in on the kids last days.

I found the idea in this fantastic little Christmas book. I've renewed it 3 times so far. Sorry to anyone out there hoping to get a hold of it before Christmas. The saddest thing is, I saw it at Winner's in November, and walked by it without purchasing it. Silly monkey.

We've been carrying on w/the advent calendar, and Thursday nights message was to "have a sleep out under the tree and share your favorite Christmas memories..."

Seriously... what was I thinking? I obviously forgot I have a 4 and 7 year old (who don't go to bed very well in the first place) Or perhaps I was thinking, this is something that is so special, that they'll remember forever... [I do remember BEGGING my Mum to let my brother and I sleep under the Christmas Tree. I remember lying under it and looking up at those sparkling lights, and it was so... so perfect.]
Last night might look perfect in pictures, and indeed I did take pictures. (I do scrapbook after all.) So here, this is how it looked. The twinkling lights, the kids all a snooze in their beds... But what the picture DOESN'T show, is me hauling Madelyn up to bed at 10:30 pm, kicking and screaming because she just wouldn't settle down. I kid you not. These kids could outlast the energizer bunny. I could bet money on it and I'm confident I would win...

And while I'm reminiscing a bit... This year, I actually won a designer digital card, from the write click scrap website. Can you believe it! I won! And I won the year I designed my own Christmas cards. What a bummer! So here's the image I chose, that the Marnie Flores designed. I did NOT send these images out, as cute as they are. For those of you on my mailing list, keep watch, your cards shall be arriving soon. And yes, I did indeed design them on my own.

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