Sunday, December 13, 2009

12 Days 'Til Christmas

Wow... Today is the 13th of December, that means there are only 12 days left. Crikey. And the funny thing is, I'm prepared, and I'm still shocked that it's going by so quickly!

Thursday night, we had Mason's school concert, it was fabulous. He had a narrator role, and was thrilled beyond belief. He did great! Our hearts soared as the microphone got passed to him, and he perfectly said his line... On our way to the school, he said "Mummy, I feel nervous, I have butterflies in my tummy". To which we responded, well, you should! Everyone there feels the exact same as you do. Once we explained that to him, and that all the people in the audience were there to see their own kid, it was fine.

We came back to our house, had a little celebration (the first of many late nights) Why does that get so out of control at this time of year?

The advent calendar is going smoothly. They're both so excited each morning to read what's in store for the day ahead. It's great for Mason this year because he's reading so well.
It was bitterly cold this weekend. The kids were still bound and determined to get outside, which they did. Those little cheeks just flaming upon coming back into the house. A good time had by all. Friday night we decorated gingerbread cookies. The cookies did get decorated, and oddly enough, we didn't run out of decorations. One for the cookie, one for me, one for the cookie, one for me...

We visited Santa today, at Golden Acres. Wow. It's decorated so beautifully in there for Christmas. If you have nothing to do, you should stop by there simply for a field trip. And the Santa in there was so good. We got a picture and went on our merry way.

Tomorrow we're going to Madelyn's Christmas concert at school. She's so excited that it's her turn. The kids finish school this week. We're all looking forward to a break in routine.

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