Friday, September 9, 2016

Random Rambles and PL2016 Week 23

I'm not computer savvy. 

My computer is still dead. 

I may have quietly drank myself to the point of numbness, every single day, for the first week after said 'computer' went caput... [Is that even a word?]

Please don't judge... I did what I knew at the time... When I know better, I'll do better...

Then we were off camping for a week. No need for a computer in the woods. 

We came home smelling like campfire, and my sweetie quickly got into the role of Best Man, which lasted for what seemed, the entire long weekend.  Barry definitely had other fish to fry. Fixing a computer that he uses maybe 3 times a year, wasn't on his radar. The wedding was over and his duties, finally, came to an end.  

Kids then headed back to school, Grades 6 and 9 respectively. Once we had the first days of school under our belts, and the first ringette practice taken care of,  I casually mentioned, "Perhaps we could take steps to have someone look at our dead computer..." 

"Oh yeah...." was his response. 

I'm no longer drinking heavily. That stopped abruptly on September 6th. [Along with snacking...] One has to start off the school year with a level head you know. 

I've come to terms with the fact that I have lost stuff between January and August of 2016. Maybe I'll get it back. Maybe I won't. Thankfully, because Barry got me a new iPhone 6 for Christmas, I have all the pictures I've taken since our trip to Mexico back in April. So there are good things too. 

All of this wouldn't matter so much, but I love my photos. They are what I would grab from a burning building. Well, photos and my kids. Wait, photos, kids, photos, little dog, jewelry, passports, pictures on walls... You get my drift. 

Any way, I had uploaded a few weeks to the Lily Pad prior to computer failure. I then thought, maybe I can get those photos from that website onto my blog... And by George, I did it...

So without further adieu, here's week 23: 

This was the week of outdoor school. They were gone 2 full nights, and slept in Teepee's. Too say that Madelyn was excited would be an understatement. A quick group shot of the walking ladies. 10 out of 14 is a pretty good turnout. Madelyn painting a mug for her Dad for Father's Day. The little garden bed at the front of the house was beautiful with lilies/iris' this spring. Yet ANOTHER trip to the Vet with Miss Libby. A photo of us pulling our new tent trailer home. A family bike ride through fish creek park, on a day that couldn't have been nicer. 

So there you have it!!

All digital product used was from Sahlin Studio.

Reflections - Journal Cards and Elements as well as 3x4 Photo templates.   

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Eva said...

Oh how I feel for you with your dead computer. My daughter had the same thing happen to her. In her case it was a hardware problem, and the computer-fixer-people were able to get the part they needed and then they were able to retrieve all her data. It cost her a pretty penny, though, I think it was at least $1200, incl. the part. It was worth it for her to get all her files back.
I'll go back up my computer now!!!