Thursday, June 9, 2016

PL2016 - Week 16

Ahhhh, going back to week 16. This was the week we went to Mexico...

Just looking at these photos, makes my heart smile.

I feel really lucky and really thankful. Firstly, for the fact that nearly 18 years in, Barry and I still like one another. Secondly, for friendship. I've known this girl, more than 1/2 my life [eeks] She's seen the worst and the best of me, and I her. We're in different places in our lives, but when we get together, it's like no time has passed. Spending a week together, with Barry and Carrie, and with no distractions, was awesome.

Anyway, onto week 16.

An airport selfie. At the airport, with NO CHILDREN. Dreamy. That also means I most likely, won't have to deal with airplane motion sickness. Another bonus. Champagne on the plane... That's the way to start out a holiday. We arrived at our hotel, got our bracelets on, checked into our room, and celebrated with our first beverage. First night, beach sunset. The ocean... It makes me happy. Our first dinner, as a large group. If memory serves me correctly, there were 12 of us. The fun began... Cups Carrie had made up for everyone attending the wedding. They were awesome, thanks friend! A walk down the beach to find beer in bottles... Like a commerical.

I did my best for the first few days, to keep the bride from getting overly sunburned. A beach wedding. It took place at 7 pm, it was absolutely perfect. The bride, just before walking down the aisle. Barry and I were taking a few more beach selfies, when we realized the bride and groom were photobombing us. Lots of fun followed that evening, and once the reception was over, we just moved our party to the nearest outdoor bar. I have a new found appreciation for tequila after this trip. It's not just for margaritas people. Our last day, one last photo at the beach. By the end of the week, I was looking forward to getting home to my kids. A week was the perfect amount of time.

Also, a huge thanks to my parents, who came and stayed at our house while we were gone. It's so awesome that we can get away, and not have to worry for a moment about how things are going at home. 

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