Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Recent Layouts

I recently completed two layouts. I'm pretty well current with my scrapbooking, though I do have a load of pages to print off. To print 12x12 pages in Canada, it's gotten a little bit ridiculous cost-wise. In the past I have ordered from Persnickety, but they've increased their international shipping fee. The last time I ordered from them, I thought the product was just kind of 'meh'. Certainly not their best quality. Now, add our poor dollar and exchange rate. I simply can't justify paying for a product I'm not happy with.

I'm contemplating whether or not I should scrapbook my pages as usual, and then create a photo book with the pages once a year. It's not quite the same as looking through an album... But the memories come back, no matter what the format. Something to consider...

I have recently created a lot more 8x8 sized layouts. This size is a lot more reasonable to print off.

Both of these layouts are 8x8 size.

Both of these layouts are Sahlin Studio templates. Both originally 12x12 format. I just altered the sizing, and I'm happy with how they turned out.

This layout, Best Field Trips Ever, is Sahlin Studio Template Freebie, free for the month of November only. You can find it here: Sahlin Studio November Template.

I'm not kidding when I say these were the best field trips ever. It's taken until grade 5 and 8 to have 2 awesome field trips, both within a week of each other. They were also the best, because the weather was AWESOME. I doubt I would have enjoyed either as much, had the weather been foul.

For this layout, I used Sahlin Studio product Explore. Learn. Grow.

The next layout, Horse Camp is another template originally 12x12, that I altered to 8x8 size. It's from this bundle of templates.

I think templates are awesome. So simple when you want to capture a story quickly. The 8x8 size of this worked out well, because the photos I have were very small, and poor quality. Madelyn went camping with her uncle, and he took a ton of photos and sent them to me. I can't tell you how pleased I was to get these pictures of her having such a great time. Even through the pictures aren't great, I was still able to capture her first horse camping trip.

For this layout, I used Project Mouse Frontier Bundle. All the western elements tied in perfectly to her western weekend. Will she go camping again? I think so. Uncle on 'gave her' Lacy [the horse she's riding] She loves to tell everyone that she 'has a horse'. Poor horse though... She hasn't fed or groomed it since the first weekend in October.

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