Saturday, July 25, 2015

PL2015 - Weeks 18 & 19

For these two weeks, I had more pictures that I wanted to add. But not enough to create these pages into two page spreads. These two weeks, the photo templates that I used allowed me to add more photos to a regular 4x6 sized picture:
Week 18:

We thought Mason was feeling tired and lethargic from a sleepover, but after sleeping Saturday and Sunday away I took his temperature, and realized something more than simply 'being tired' was going on.  Using my 'new' mug. Needed to add some room for journaling, since my photo had lots of pictures of the music concert. Celebrating a special someones 10th birthday. Scout celebration at  Edworthy park.

These two pictures are using these templates mentioned above.

Love that I was able to get both the temperature photo, as well as our trip to the doctor. [It was just a virus, he made a speedy recovery]

Was able to capture Madelyn playing all of the instruments she used in the concert. Glad to use this template to have all the photos together. Still can't believe we could actually see her the whole time! 

Sometimes when just using a single page protector, you need to change things around a little bit. I created one photo, then cut it in half, to be separated by two 3x4 pockets. Love that I could capture this 25 Year celebration of the scouts in our area.

Week 19:

Some downtime reading on the couch. Love that Miss Libby was in the photo as well, in one of her favourite chairs. Scout's camping in Banff. We lost Sayid the fish this week... We had that little blue dude for over 2 years! Our tennis boy. Emergency trip to the vet with a dog that ate something she shouldn't have... Birthday party at the roller rink. Picture of me with my favourite little people.

Using this template again, able to capture multiple pictures of the boys Scout Camp in Banff. They did lots of different things over the weekend.

This could be one of my favourite templates. Love the large square space for a picture, and the minimal journaling spot.

Following Sahlin Studio Products Used:

Week 18
Photo Templates Vol. 1
Shine Bright Elements & Journal Cards

Week 19 
Photo Templates Vol. 1
Birthday Cake Elements and Journal card
Flashback Elements

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