Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Exciting News!

First things first, my exciting news is this: I've been selected to be on the Sahlin Studios Creative Team! I have to keep pinching myself, because it seems like a dream! If you follow the link above, it will lead you right to the announcement. Read through, and you will see my name! So. Excited!

I've been asked to be on the Project Life Creative Team, which is right up my alley! Now this announcement has come at a time, where I'm in a behind of a slump with my Project Life. Eeks! So I had lots of plans to catch up this weekend.

It would seem that the stars were all aligning... The boys left Friday night for Cub camp, Madelyn went Friday night to Brownie Camp. I had the house to myself. To myself. I was going to spend the entire weekend catching up... And I began to do just that.

I started Friday night, savoured the quiet. Relished the fact that I could stay up as late as I wanted. I worked away like crazy. I got up Saturday morning, and resumed by position in front of the computer. And the around lunch time, the phone rang...

Could I please come and pick Madelyn up... She's not feeling well...  Suddenly my weekend changed a bit.

But I did get the majority things on my 'to do' list accomplished.

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

And... This little muffin turned 8 on Thursday... How can it be, that my baby is 8 years old?

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