Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project Life Weeks 32 - 36

Don't mind me, but I feel a wee bit giddy. I'm caught up with my project life stuff. And by caught up, I mean, to yesterday... Teeheehee... Makes me feel good.

What doesn't make me feel good, the cold air blowing out of my furnace... That's right, I thought we'd got to the bottom of that problem last week, but it would seem that no. We didn't. We have a call in to the furnace company, so hopefully the weather will be decent enough for the next few days, so the trip doesn't have to be an emergency and cost us extra...

I hate it when you can't fix something yourself, you need to rely on someone else...

Back to my pages.  Here are weeks 32 to 36. Can you believe that there are only 16 weeks left in 2012? I hate to say that out loud, but it's true. Thought I'd share.

Still loving this project. Love it even more when I'm completely caught up.

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